What is the Future of E-commerce?

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What is the Future of E-commerce?

Postby Bessalitskykh » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:12 pm

E-commerce is a transactional process where parties exchange (buy & sell) goods and services or send information with the help of an electronic network, the Internet. It is responsible for the sales aspect of e-business. As well, according to the commercial profile, there are 6 types of electronic commerce. Logically, this covers Business-to-Consumer (B2C) operations, but it is also involved in:

- Business-to-Business
- Consumer-to-Consumer
- Consumer-to-Business
- Business-to-Administration
- Consumer-to-Administration

Here are the trends currently shaping the e-commerce industry.


Social commerce is the use of social networks for online shopping transactions.

Social media is embedded in our daily activities. Brands stay in touch with their clients via popular social networks to create a personal relationship.


Using applications on smartphones and tablets to buy and sell products is known as mobile-commerce or m-commerce. Today, the percentage of consumers using mobile devices constitutes a half of all internet traffic, meaning it is of high importance that e-commerce shops adapt to mobile screens and, in some cases, even build a separate app for the specific purpose of reaching these buyers and following mobile e-commerce trends.

Solely the presence of a website or mobile app does not guarantee tremendous success. It is important to make sure that you create the best online shopping experience. Client engagement and retention are key indicators to focus on.


According to Google, around 85% percent of users begin their shopping journey on one device and continue on another. It can start with an Instagram advert and end up at a leather jacket store down the street. This message from consumers has set the trend of aligning online and offline sales channels.

This approach is called omni-channel, meaning all the means of interaction with a customer should provide the feeling of one entity. Each detail of a particular company, its brand, marketing content, and ads should communicate the same concept.

The e-commerce industry continues to grow on an annual basis, with 11.9% of total sales in 2018. Over the next few years, we are to see even more trends arise.

Staying abreast of such trends is the most effective way to ensure that you don’t get left behind.
This article highlights e-commerce trends in 2018 and the most notable technological innovations modifying the future of the online shopping experience https://mlsdev.com/blog/future-of-e-com ... ut-for-new
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Re: What is the Future of E-commerce?

Postby arthimenon » Fri Nov 16, 2018 9:56 am

Here are a few purposes behind turning into an eCommerce world.

Minimum amount of Internet clients: With more than 100 million Internet clients, the nation is starting to accomplish a minimum amount of clients who know about web administrations. Likewise, finished the previous couple of years, moderately refined online travel specialists ("OTAs, for example, MakeMyTrip – which began transforming these underlying Web clients into Web shoppers – have ruled Indian web based business.
Rising white collar class with extra cash: Throughout India's short history, the nation has been a place that is known for "haves" and "the less wealthy". Notwithstanding, with the ascent of little and medium ventures, outside direct speculation, and India's own effective multinational enterprises making a huge number of new employments, another era of all inclusive disapproved of Indian purchasers has been made.

Installment doors and coordinations: One of the biggest difficulties to web based business in India is the absence of foundation to help new organizations. Coordinations organizations have been famously untrustworthy, and complex interstate directions imply that interstate coordinations and printed material is more similar to universal traditions. Also, Indians have an antipathy for Mastercards – just an expected 2 percent of the country has a charge card.
Client Experience: The quantity of online business organizations has developed, organizations have begun to put more accentuation on putting resources into the client encounter. Best practices that have driven web based business all inclusive are presently a key concentration of effective Internet organizations, including promoting, client benefit, UI plan, and ensured conveyance and merchandise exchange. In this focused drive to separate by means of client encounter, a definitive champ is the Indian online buyer.

It's anything but difficult to get up and running:- The most difficult part of getting set up is item, yet in the event that you are enthusiastic about a particular line of items — particularly on the off chance that they have helped you by and by — it makes it considerably simpler to stroll through the way toward building associations with merchants or item sourcing. Also, it's that enthusiasm that will drive you to take the necessary steps you have to do to assemble a fruitful business.
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Re: What is the Future of E-commerce?

Postby amar495 » Tue Nov 20, 2018 12:14 pm

Thanks for sharing the information.
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Re: What is the Future of E-commerce?

Postby Saravanan12 » Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:08 pm

very useful information.
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