Common question about Seo Panel reports and tools

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Common question about Seo Panel reports and tools

Postby seopanel_forum » Sat Mar 19, 2011 6:32 am

reports - to see the reports is it just a matter of setting the user reports setting to yes under system settings? i didn't really see any reports...

Reports are displayed under each tools under the section Seo Tools and summary of reports displayed in home page after login.

"Allow user to generate reports:" - This option is to allow users to generate reports from each seo tool. Otherwise admin can only generate reports.

cron - what features are affected by this? i.e. what new and different info would an admin see after placing the cron command compared to what is visible now?

Cron will automatically create reports of following seo tools

a) Keyword position checker
b) Back link checker
c) Google pagerank checker
d) Search engine saturation checker

Only difference with admin is, Admin can see reports of all websites in seo panel.

directory submissions - is there an "automated" feature to submit to certain directories? or does the admin still submit each listing manually? either way having the tool is useful, and i understand that the captcha might affect this also, but i am still unclear as to whether your app actually does any of the individual submissions, etc...

Currently there is no automated feature added in seo panel, only semi automatic submission are available. Some times the selected categories may be wrong if we submit automatically, that is the main reason we didn't implement it yet.

directories 1000 vs directory importer with 5500 -- does the directory importer grouping include the same 1000 directories or are they completely different?

Directory 5500 contains 1000 directory package + another 4500 directories

link diagnosis plug in - is this the same as the tool inside the app, or is there some added feature?

Its an extended plugin and it will not distributed with free version of seo panel.

local search engines package - does "local" mean that this plugin also performs differently than the tool? i know this is common sense and it sounds like you mean the geographic "local" but i'm just checking...

Its not geographic, we will integrate, search engines to seo panel according to users requirement.
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