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Re: What is social media optimisation

Postby evathomsan » Tue Mar 24, 2015 8:04 am

There are multiple site of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, You tube etc. Do social activity on each social sites.
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Re: What is social media optimisation

Postby Kasirajan » Thu Jun 11, 2015 1:58 pm

Social media optimization is nothing but reaching the targeted customers like specific location or category by using public profiles and drive visitors to the our website.....
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Re: What is social media optimisation

Postby mah764 » Mon May 29, 2017 11:44 am

Social media optimization increases the visibility of your social media profiles, your social networking activity and your published content so that it is found by people searching for information and resources that relate to your content. Social media optimization helps drive traffic to your website or blog, makes it easier for others to share with their circle of influence, builds community around your brand and helps search engines index your social media profiles, social activity and blog posts more easily.
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Re: What is social media optimisation

Postby JACKWILL » Wed May 31, 2017 9:08 am

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of a number of social media outlets and communities to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product, service brand or event.
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Re: What is social media optimisation

Postby techlysolutions » Sat Jul 15, 2017 8:43 am

Social media optimization is used to optimize your website. in this way you can increase your brand value sales and overall web presence.
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