All we are proud of you

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All we are proud of you

Postby activation » Tue Oct 25, 2016 10:42 am

Yang Yong is an excellent truck crane engineer of Sany. In his mind, providing the best service for customers and making customers satisfied are the most important things and also his goals. In order to realize his goals, he sticks to his working position for twenty years. He works hard and overcomes difficulties to try his best to solve problems for customers. He combines his dream and passion together with the working tools in his hand, passing warmth to thousands of customers.

As an experienced truck crane engineer, he masters a good knowledge of the crane and possesses super maintaining skills, which enables him to quickly diagnose the machine’s problems and provide corresponded solutions. He is very popular among the customers, many customers are his old friends and even some are his fans. The customers said that Mr Yang made them rest assured that their machine will be fine after his examination. He is like a doctor for the crane and sometimes he treats the machine just as his baby since he has put so much time and energy to take care of the crane.

In order to provide the best service for customers, Mr Yang often forgets to have meals and sleeps little. He is ready to service at any time. At one midnight of May, 2015, Mr Yang received a call from one customer who said hurriedly that his truck crane was break down on the way to the construction site. The customer was very urgent since the crane had to arrive in the site before tomorrow morning in order to catch up with the tight schedule. Learning the urgent situation, Mr Yang brought his tools and arrived at the destination as soon as he can. After careful examination, he found the problem which was caused by the loose bolt, leading to the gear failing to work. Half an hour later, the machine was started normally, the customer held Mr Yang’s hand with much gratitude, Mr Yang just said with smile, “this is my responsibility”. Holding on the belief that customer is everything and everything for customer, Mr Yang makes great contribution to the service industry and sets a good example to all of us.

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