Small Excavator Development and Maintenance Guidelines

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Small Excavator Development and Maintenance Guidelines

Postby activation » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:30 am

Small excavator plays an important role in city construction and traffic infrastructure, it develops fast in the small-sized engineer construction and makes great contribution for saving labor and resources. Being compact and flexible, the small digger can be used in narrow space to make the maximum productivity, thus becoming the representative construction machinery in city construction. The small digger’s development depends on the city development, which puts forward higher requirements to the small digger including higher efficiency, higher safety, low pollution and ease of operation.

From 1970s, the hydraulic excavators had been accounted for 83% of the total excavators and now is approximately 100%. Regular maintenance should be made to keep the hydraulic devices in a good condition, especially in the winter, during which the freezing temperature will cause damages to the hydraulic parts. Before starting working, the small excavator should be set in idle running with low speed for several minutes, then speed up the engine to the maximum and make the bucket and rod running for 5 minutes. Pay attentions to the ambient to avoid injuring people or other objects around when preheating.

If the small excavator is on the shelf in winter, special care should be taken to the machine to make it ready for immediate use. Clean the surface of the machine and check the parts to avoid loose bolts. Keep the fuel oil and antifreeze in good quality and normal work. If the machine needs to be stopped for a long time, the engine coolant should be discharged completely and the accumulator should be stored in warm place.

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