Used Excavator Choosing Guidelines

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Used Excavator Choosing Guidelines

Postby activation » Thu Feb 09, 2017 10:48 am

Plans should be made in advance when buying used excavator. The machine model should be chosen according to the project scale, there are small excavator, medium excavator and large excavator in the digger market. We can tell the machine’s approximate service life from the machine’s appearance which can give you a first impression. Generally, the color will be relatively bright for an excavator working in the plain within 5 years

Careful check should be made during the choosing process since the second-hand excavator may have some problems. Different with the new machine, the used one works with lower speed when it bears full load. The engine stops before the joystick turning back to the original position. The electromagnetic system is in abnormal condition and the working device stops working. The used excavator may produce big noise or make poor performance in micro movement. The bucket moves slowly and the working device are stagnant. These problems should be recorded, which is very important for choosing the second-hand machine. What is more, check the hydraulic system to see whether it can work normally and examine the engine through its rotary sound and emission to tell whether it is capable enough to bear the required work load.

The second-hand machine may have a lower price but also may have some problems in performance. Therefore, more attentions should be paid when choosing the used machine to avoid paying more maintenance cost. Anyway, you can get the best used hydraulic excavators as long as you make comprehensive plan in advance and pay enough effort for it.

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