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citizenship vanuatu

Postby ElizabethLeija » Tue Jun 18, 2019 6:36 am

Our organization is a whole group of companies that are officially registered, both in the Russian Federation and in Europe. All our companies employ exclusively highly qualified employees who have extensive experience in the field of residence permit, permanent residence, as well as obtaining a second citizenship. We guarantee that we have all the necessary officially obtained licenses obtained from a large number of state entities, including Europe, which are responsible for the process of obtaining official permits, obtaining citizenship, residence permit, permanent residence. That is, all our programs are completely legal.

Moreover, in order to completely protect you from doubts about the legality of our companies, we have increased the authorized capital of all companies, which is:

LLC AAAA ADVISER - authorized capital in the amount of more than 43 000 000 in rubles.

MIRAG INVEST - share capital of more than 1 000 000 Euro.

Our programs are absolutely official and legal, in connection with which the services provided by us will be of the highest quality.
We understand all the responsibility and guarantee you only a positive result. In our practice, there are more than 20 years of service in this field of activity.
We have identified ourselves in the market for the provision of this kind of services as open, responsible partners.
Moreover, we take part in all exhibitions related to real estate and investment outside the Russian Federation.
Also, our company is the owner of an officially registered print publication and has the appropriate registration data:

Media registration number PI number FS77-60214, dated December 17, 2014 All versions of our magazines you can see in the magazine section.


TIN: 7704871769 Gearbox: 770401001 OGRN: 1147746931200


Registration number: 2305810000 Tax number: SI 34298070 Submission number: 14717900 Full company name: MIRAG INVEST posredovanje d.o.o. Short company name: MIRAG INVEST d.o.o.


We are waiting for you in our office in Tallinn. Address: Estonia, Talin, Pae 21, office 25 Phones: +372 712 0808 E-mail: Skype: m601636 EE562200221061369585 Swedbank AS Liivalaya 8 15040 Tallinn, Estonia Tel .: 6310 310 Fax: 6310 410 S.W.I.F.T .: HABAEE2X Register code: 10060701 Taxable VAT number: EE100354546
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