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Can SEO Panel help me solve these problems on my website?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 13, 2020 3:19 pm
by HeRo02

A few months ago Google started excluding pages on my website - "Crawled - currently not indexed".

To make a long story short, someone found a lot of problems with many of my pages - listed below - with a tool called . My question is if and how SEO Panel can help me find and solve these types of problems?:

(I tried to create an ordered list here, but that doesn't seem to work, although 'BBCode' etc. is ON.)

[list=][*] No hreflang markup which could impact indexation of any content that is overlapping with translated equivalent
[*] Over 37% of the pages have duplicate titles
example 1: <title>*** Your Title Here ***</title>
example 2: <TITLE>404 Page Not Found</TITLE>
Note this page is not a 404, it serves a 200 header
[*] Over 2.5% of the pages have no page title at all
[*] Over 7.5% of URLs serve a 404, these appear to all be images
[*] Over 39% duplicate meta descriptions
[*] Over 25% duplicate H1[/list]