Google proxy & get_searchengine_updates problem

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Google proxy & get_searchengine_updates problem

Postby nocnystroz » Sun Sep 06, 2020 3:10 pm

What does the /get_searchengine_updates.php do?
I have active 6 private proxies that works only with Google and manual positions check works but cron did not work.

In crawl log manager I got "(...)/get_searchengine_updates.php" in Reference and "Received HTTP code 403 from proxy after CONNECT" in Details (FAIL). It got stuck and positions didn't check.

When I commented out some lines in cron.php file:
Code: Select all
(70) //include_once(SP_CTRLPATH."/searchengine.ctrl.php");
(72-77)     //include_once(SP_CTRLPATH."/moz.ctrl.php");
(102-104)    //$seCtrler = new SearchEngineController();
   //$ret_sync = $seCtrler->doSyncSearchEngines(true, true);
   //echo $ret_sync['result'] . "\n";

Cron works fine (positions are checked). What does the /get_searchengine_updates.php do?
Regards, Mike
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