[Bug?]Select automatically correct user when loggin in.

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[Bug?]Select automatically correct user when loggin in.

Postby Karel » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:14 pm

Not sure it is a bug. But it is a wish for sure.

When I log in I see the account summary of some other user. (as the admin I see them all.)
I would like to see my sites as default instead.

I checked themes\classic\views\user\userhome.ctp.php
Code: Select all
                      <?php if($userInfo['id'] == $webUserId){?>
                         <option value="<?=$userInfo['id']?>" selected="selected"><?=$userInfo['username']?></option>
                      <?php }else{?>
                         <option value="<?=$userInfo['id']?>"><?=$userInfo['username']?></option>
                      <?php }?>

It looks to me that if($userInfo['id'] == $webUserId) is checking for my id so it can select my id for default displaying my account summary.
But obviously I'm not seeing my account summary.
I'm a beginner in php so I could misinterpret the code.

If it is not a bug, then I request a modification to see default my account summary.

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