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Flutter in Mobile App Development Pros & Cons

Postby AjayKumbhar » Mon Jun 17, 2019 11:56 am

Flutter in Mobile App Development Pros & Cons

Often it happens that technology is invented to overcome the programming and platform limitations that exist in a certain technology. There have been many technological advances each having its own pros and cons for superseding the platform limitations that exist for a certain technology. In this article, we are going to have a look at such a technology that has been invented to overcome cross-platform limitations as well as cost restrictions that exist when developing apps that are compatible across many platforms.

We are going to have a look at the technology named Flutter that allows developers to develop apps across cross-platform devices namely iOS and Android devices that have a single code base and framework. This is the latest technology being introduced by Google at the Google IO developer conference 2018.

Let’s get to the introduction of Flutter. Then we will discuss the benefits, its pros and cons as well as further developments

What is Flutter?
Flutter is Google’s application development kit that can be used to develop apps that run on cross-platform devices such as iOS, Android as well as Google Fuchsia devices. Google Fuchsia is a new platform being developed by Google.

There have been many programming hours being put into the development of Flutter

It is capable of the following features:

Major parts of the engine to improve performance
Full support for development on the Windows Platform
Tooling support for the Android Studio and Visual Studio code
Support is provided for Firebase APIs
Support for inline videos, adds, and charts
Lets us go through some more features:

Flutter is free and open source
It uses the C++ rendering engine
It is based on the Dart Programming Language
Provides its own widgets
Architecture is based on reactive programming
Let us see how

Flutter succeeds at cross-platform development:

Google Development kit allows developers to develop 2D mobile apps. It can be used to develop full-featured apps including support for cameras, geolocation, storage, network and more. If at all you need to build impressive branded designs or stock platform apps, then a cross-platform framework like Flutter is well suited for the task.

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Mobile Application development using Flutter:
Currently, there are few app development use cases that actually use Flutter to develop apps.

Google has itself used Flutter to develop the Adwords app which assists advertisers and keeps track of ad buys. The Alibaba app is also built using this toolkit. Alibaba is China’s biggest E-commerce company and resembles Amazon.

There have also been some apps that have been developed using Flutter but are not as popular as Google’s Adwords or Alibaba. For example, the official app for Hamilton, the Broadway Musical. The Hamilton app features daily lotteries, exclusive videos and news, a merchandise store, a trivia game, and more. Coach Yourself, a meditation app that has been developed for the German Market.

We have seen flutter as being a lot of value for the developer community as well as to app owners who want to streamline the development process. Let’s discuss the pro’s and con’s of this framework

Pro’s / Advantages
Flutter has a number of advantages that gives it an edge in the development of apps.

Let’s take a look at the advantages offered by the Flutter framework to mobile app developers and business owners.

Hot Reload:
One of the greatest thing about Flutter is its capability to Hot Reload. Developers can see all the changes they have made to the code right away in the app. It takes just seconds to see the changes, teams can quickly add new features, fix bugs and experiment. Hot reload facilitates better collaboration between designers and developers when they want to improve how the app looks and check the effects immediately.

Cross Platform Development:
Using cross-platform capabilities, there is no need to build separate apps for different platforms. You can just build one app, use the same code base for two applications. Besides cross-platform development, Flutter gives you a head start in developing for the Fuchsia platform also. Fuchsia is an experimental platform in development at Google. This is a new platform that experts tout that it is going to be a replacement for the Android platform

Perfect for an MVP
If you want to show your product or app to investors as soon as possible, you can build the Flutter mobile application that would give a native look on both the Android and iOS Application.

Thus you can give your investors a clear idea of how your MVP would look like. Developing two separate apps would take much more time and money.

Less Code:
The programming language that Flutter uses is Dart. Dart is a language that is object-oriented and is strongly typed. Flutter resembles a lot like React Native, its programming style is similar to reactive and declarative Flutter does not use JavaScript bridge, so this improves app startup times and overall performance. Dart is able to achieve this thanks to AOT or ahead of time compilation.

Dart also makes use of Just in time compilation. JIT compilation with Flutter improves the development workflow by allowing for a hot reload capability in order to refresh the UI during development. It eliminates the need for an entirely new build.

When there is less code means there will be fewer bugs.

Widgets are necessary for any app’s view and an interface. They must have a natural look and feel irrespective of the screen size. They also must be fast, customizable and extensible. Flutter takes everything’s-a-widget approach. It has a rich set of widgets and extensive capabilities for creating complex widgets.

Access to Native Features:
Some of the platform-specific features such as access to camera and geolocation requires access to native features. Flutter allows developers to use their existing Java, Objective-C or Swift code to access native features and SDKs on Android and iOS

Official Support:
There is awesome support from the Materials Design Team and a community of over 1000 developers willing to contribute to the growth of this framework

Easy to setup:
Flutter is easy to set up and to start coding on low-end machines. Developers need not worry about the operating system not being able to handle Flutter. On the contrary, Flutter doesn’t require a power machine.

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The framework is relatively young, and it is still growing and developing. The toolkit has its limitations. Let’s look at them.

Mobile only:
Web browsers are not supported by Flutter. Flutter only supports mobile apps. When you get to choose the technology stack you want to work with, this can influence your decision. If you’re looking for Maximum Device Flexibility, then Flutter may not be for you.

Limited Libraries:
Google supports Flutter and there are many helpful libraries. However, the framework is relatively new, and you won’t find every functionality you are looking for. Native apps, on the other hand, have everything under their belt, including Stripe and Twilio and most streaming services such as WoWza and UStream, with Flutter developers would have to build these libraries themselves, which is time-consuming.

Continuous Integration:
There are ready-made solutions that are available for Native Android and iOS apps that allow them to work with CI platforms like Travis and Jenkins. There are also ready-made Flutter solutions for most popular CI platforms such as Travis and Circle. However, you need to set up the toolkit for these kinds of platforms.

Limited TV Support:
If you were thinking of building an app with this framework can run on Android TV or Apple TV, then the answer is more no then yes. There is practically no support for these kinds of apps on Android TV or Apple TV

How much does it cost to build an app with Flutter?
It takes about 250 hours to develop an average app in Flutter that will work on both iOS and Android, whereas it takes about 400 hours to develop such an app for iOS and about 250 hours to build an average app for Android. To find out how much it costs to build an app with Flutter, you can multiply the number of hours by the hourly rate of your developers. You will be able to see that developing for both the platforms separately is timely and requires lots of resources. If you want to build your app quickly and swiftly as well as save money, then you need to choose cross-platform development rather than choosing to develop two native apps.
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Progressive Web App (PWA) – Ideas and Importance

Postby AjayKumbhar » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:10 pm

Progressive Web App (PWA) – Ideas and Importance

What Is Progressive Web App?


Progressive web apps are websites with all information and abilities to provide you an app like feels.

Using modern web technology it delivers you an app like experiences while using your browser. Therefore you may call it a browser-based application with alternatives to native mobile apps.

Progressive web applications will run like regular web pages or websites but will provide you all the user functionalities that are available only on the native applications.

The benefit Progressive web applications provide is that, without downloading any mobile app user is able to access all the information that is available.

Progressive web apps also successfully play a highly beneficial role in your business. Increasing your page visits and session lengths it gives many advantages to increase your business.

Some of the other major advantages progressive web apps provide are:

Takes less loading time
Push Notifications
High Performance
Uses less data
More Reliable
Advantages of Progressive web app ideas

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Why Build Progressive Web Apps?

Progressive Web Applications solved many problems of application developers. Along with reliability, fast responsive nature, and immersive user experience it earned many web platforms advantages.

The occurrence of Progressive Web Applications supported web applications with many extra smart features. Including push notifications, add to home screen and many more without giving up the reach of the web.

Using this web app developers create applications on which users can work offline and store all their information. Not only shows potential for a new wave of non-mobile applications but they compete with mobile apps on a large scale.

Progressive Web Apps Ideas


flipkart progressive web app

One of India’s largest e-commerce sites updated its mobile site to a progressive web app called Flipkart Lite. if you are popularly running your business globally around the world inconsistent connection is a very common problem you will face. To provide a solution to this thing Flipkart provided its solution under the name Flipkart lite.

Combining the best of both the web and Flipkart’s native app, it provided fast and streamlined experiences to mobile users. With less data usage it provided the business higher rates of conversions.

Twitter Lite

Twitter Lite Web Progressive App

A new Twitter Lite app has been released in 2017 to improve the previous mobile web experiences. Since many of its users were located in conditions where network connections are low and poor. Twitter wanted to improve mobile web experiences by making it more fast and engaging.

Adding PWA features it made Twitter Lite more fast, reliable, and easy to access the app. Generating more than millions of push notifications it massively increased its engagement by allowing users to add the progressive web app to their home screens.


AliExpress is a popular e-commerce progressive web app owned by Alibaba Group. When they brought selling their e-commerce products online they faced lot many issues. However, they tried to convert the non-app users into app users. But it didn’t work out well for them and their website failed to deliver the experience they wanted on mobile

After this, they entered into the progressive web app and received huge success by improving the overall performance of their website


BookMyShow is another best example of progressive web app idea of booking tickets online in all over India. With the help of this user can book the tickets for any event without taking the burden of going their personally for booking.

Presence of mobile phones making each work so easy helped people drive their work easily without consuming much data. After replacing their mobile site its progressive web app idea highly increased their conversion rates. Solving all their problems it gained maximum profit without becoming a burden on memory capabilities.


Progressive Web App

By launching a new PWA ordering system on web Starbucks allowed customers easy access to their site. With the help of this users can browse the menu, customize their order and add anything in their carts. Giving a similar experience of the native app it even has the capability of running it offline. Once the user is online they can locate their place, exact pricing of all the order and can deliver at their place.

Online progressive helped Starbucks in gaining a vast number of customers. Making it easier for the customers to browse the menu and order even when your internet connection is not so good.

Strengthening the name of its brand using progressive web app idea it started providing highly fast and responsive performance.


From the above-given examples, you can clearly see how the performance of the web app plays a huge role. Higher the performance of your web app the more progressively it works. Progressive web app ideas set high standards for web app developers. Belonging to various categories it helps you upgrade it by recreating your site as PWA.

Hope this blog helps you understand what progressive web app is and what impact it creates on your business growth. We at Nimap Infotech (one of the leading outsourcing software development company) outsources the best mobile and web app, developers. For any queries relating to development solutions.
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iOS Vs Android: Which One is better

Postby AjayKumbhar » Mon Jun 17, 2019 12:15 pm

iOS Vs Android: Which One is better

While buying any smartphone the first thing that needs to get decide is which OS phone you want to buy. The two most popular choices that lie in everyone’s head is – Android and iOS. Both are equally useful and plays an important role in your life.

There is nothing like choosing the perfect among the two as both are equally perfect with their work of operations. There are many chances the first OS you use ends up liking that only.

Though both are perfectly good with their features and performs all the actions required. But if you’ll take a closer look from the business perspective you’ll end up noticing the differences between them.


iOS is a mobile operating system specially invented for the use of Apple manufactured products. Devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV everything runs on iOS. Invented in the year 2007 iOS is based upon direct manipulation. iOS interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons and interaction includes gestures like tap, pinch, swipe, and reverse pinch.


Android is a mobile operating system based on the modified version of the Linux kernel. Developed by Google, it is primarily designed for touchscreen mobile devices.

Difference between iOS and Android


The first point through which we’ll show you the difference between Android and iOS is its hardware. As you all know Google’s Android software is used by nearly all the mobile phone companies like LG, Samsung, HTC, etc. However, on the other side, you’ll find iPhones are launched only by Apple. And only iPhones can make use of iOS software and hardware. It shows Apple’s restrictions, protection, and control over its operating system.

Android phones are commonly used by a large number of public because of its price, features, and quality. Providing good quality features and services they are much cheaper than iPhones. But since they are so readily available their hardware is more prone to problems.


iOS and Android both using the touch interfaces have lots of things in common. Like swiping, tapping, zooming and pinch. Just like computer desktop both iOS and Android operating systems boots to a home screen. Android using the feature of widgets auto updates information such as weather and email. While the iOS home screen contains only rows of app icons. Both iOS and Android displays their status bar on the top of the screen showing information like time, WiFi, cell signal, and battery life.


If you will compare you’ll see the App Store offers very few applications than Google’s Play Store. Also, Apple is much more strict with its apps. On the contrary Android apps are easy to install and download. It is also seen that it is easy to put any fake app in Google’s Play Store. It is a major potential security threat for users. Apple goes through all the points before putting any app in the App Store – offering complete security. Thus development costs of Apple apps are costlier than Google apps.


Apple products in terms of pricing always run high in the market. If you’ll go and check the newest model of Apple that is iPhone X is available at Rs. 94, 845. Similarly, the starting price of the iPhone XR is Rs. 63, 699 and iPhone XS Max is Rs. 1,24,900. Buying such a high-cost mobile phone with an average income is not at all possible.

On the other hand, if you’ll choose the latest model of Android smartphones that is Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Google’s Pixel 3 XL their prices are quite low and affordable. Even if you buy the best Android mobile phone of 2019 that is One Plus 6T is also very less in price as compared to Apple.

Thus one can clearly see the huge choice of a good and low-cost variety of Android phones as compared to Apple. And the features and services provided by them are not less in any mode of comparison. Also, the apps provided by Android are free and offers much more variety. Therefore choosing Android over Apple is always a choice of benefit in terms of cost.

Battery Life

Battery usage is another important factor which matters the most when you start using any cell phone. Since both the platforms share no common hardware it is tough to mention their differences.

If you see them together both the Apple and Android allows its users to check the amount of battery they’ve used. Also, both offer the power-saving modes which can be used to extend the life of your mobile battery.

Both Apple and Android provides you the functions of limiting performance and connectivity including many other features and options. However, if you’ll give a close look you’ll see Android has the ability to customize its power-saving modes. Many Android phones possess the power of fast-charging capabilities or even wireless charging. In that case, you’ll have to look for a fast-charging adapter which is usually already provided in the Android box. Thus after comparing both the one you can trust more in terms of battery is Android.

Here are some of the other characteristics possessed by iOS are –

iOS is a powerful platform providing clean and up-to-date menu system.
The interface of iOS is not a headache.
However, it possesses a lack of optimization
iOS provides you top-quality third-party applications.
Provides great reliability to its users
Works in a professional way.
Applications on iOS cannot access the operating system. Android applications, on the other hand, can directly access its operating system. Which means if the Android application crashed it would take down the entire system of your phone.
iOS is more secured to come into contact with viruses or malware.
Development of an app is more easy in Android as compared to iOS.
iOS is more easy to update with new versions as compared to Android.
iOS provided with integrated theft prevention software helps you track your phone if lost or stolen.
Without entering your password it is impossible to turn the GPS off.

Characteristics possessed by Android are –

Android is much more flexible and easy in use.
Android interface is much real in use. It gives you the exact look of icons and fonts as compared to iOS.
Providing access to the operating system, Android allows you to install any app from its Play Store.
Android provides you to use its features in more fun ways.
Apple introduces its features in a very slow process however Apple, on the other hand, is more frequent in launching new features.
Android smartphones provide you more hardware capabilities and features as compared to Apple.
Home Screens of Android can not only be filled with apps but also with widgets which allows you to stay connected.
Android smartphones are less costly than iOS.


After going through their differences it is very clear that both Android and iOS are equally good and important in their places. Choosing one among the two operating systems is completely based on your choice of work. Different categories are liked by different peoples. Some prefer hardware while some prefer security.

If you want your smartphone provides you good battery capacity and customization techniques choose Android. Or else if you want a more professional platform for your work then choose iOS.

Both iOS and Android are good with their features and performs their tasks very efficiently.

You can even start your e-commerce business using Android and iOS services. If you’re looking to design your website in Android and iOS contact us. Hire Android developers and dedicated iOS developers from Nimap Infotech. Our company outsources IT developers on a timely or project basis.

Our Android and iOS developers are well experienced in their work and had served more than 500 clients.
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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby Sarusaytooloud » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:34 am

I got valuable information here..Thanks for such an excellent share! Keep up!
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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby oliviajackson125 » Thu Jun 27, 2019 5:08 am

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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby andy123 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:28 am

Thanks for sharing the information.
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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby andy123 » Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:47 am

Thanks for sharing the information.
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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby jdmwebtechnologies » Sat Aug 17, 2019 7:03 am

Responsive design can help you solve a lot of problems for your website. It will make your site mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with both large and small screens, and increase the amount of time that visitors spend on your site. It can also help you improve your rankings in search engines.
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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby andy123 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 6:25 am

Responsive Web Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge, a website, to make it look good on all devices.
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Re: Importance of Responsive Web Designing.

Postby ezrankings » Fri Jan 10, 2020 10:45 am

Responsive design can help you solve a lot of problems for your website. Users can visit your website from any device or laptop. It will make your website mobile-friendly, improve the way it looks on devices with both large and small screens.
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